Zedmeco |  View From Oympus: Selected Tracks


view from oympus: selected tracks


Undressing Aphrodite


Engaging The Oracle

Apollo's Lyre

Turnend Tapes presents a 4 track EP selected from the works of a true veteran, Zedmeco. Better known as Zeno Messis, one part of the prolific Megalon project that painted the UK underground techno scene of the 90s. With a string of releases on Plink Plonk featuring the now cultish 94’ LP ‘Pandora’s Box’, Megalon’s mosaic of dance music was as much Ambient Dub as it was Detroit techno or Deep House remaining timeless and mythical. 

Fast-forward 2 decades and then some. Zedmeco quietly continues to transmit music of authenticity and nostalgia, inflected with the same elasticity to style and sound, integrating 20+ years of spirit and experience. ‘view from olympus: selected tracks’ is a culmination of just a fraction of Zed’s new output that we are ecstatic to have start our stamped series on the label.