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For Our Sake

Mod Guem

As You Love

Why Do You Ask

Yeah Right

Lost In Constantine

You Know It'll Pass

Interesting artist project... Growing up around Paris, Yasin Hazim learned about music through both his classical music training at the conservatory & his family's Moroccan & Algerian roots.
"It's from those influences ranging from Leonard Cohen, Keith Jarrett & Jacques Brel to Gnawa music, Abdel Halim Hafez & Reinette l'Oranaise that he draws his own style, ranging from Blues to folk music, sly elements of R&B, to his own blend of psychedelic disco and beyond.
Awash in waves of haunting piano lines and warm chugging drums, Yasin Hazim's music is a departure from all that is pumped-up, instead drifting along a more circuitous river of melodic emotions and rhythmical movements, taking you on a heartfelt and personal journey”.