Yaniel | Walk The Walk


walk the walk

Label: Emotsiya
Cat No: EMO003

Status: Landed

12" Deep House Electronic Emotsiya Yaniel


Yaniel - Walk The Walk

Katerina - Love Potion (Yaniel remix)

Unique updated funk / electronics - Really cool spaced out jam / italo funk kinda unique sound  - Something different from Emotsiya!

"Just what do you do with talent from the coldest corners of the world? Perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that such warmth resonates in Yaniel’s musical outlet, given his connection to Funk runs deep. Transcending genre limitations, he belies any classifications with a significant piece of equipment, the electric guitar. Yaniel successfully blends streetwise entertainment with a lasting message: A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to save his soul and come out of this madness alive. Just real musicians, real moments, and real feelings. He controls the steering wheel and smiles with confidence on the way to his destination".