X(Exptional Vs Morphid | Dark Desssert

X(Exptional Vs Morphid

dark desssert


Dark Waves - X(Eptional Original Version (2021 Edit)

Gezouten Dessert - Morphid Original Version 1995

Dark Waves - Morphid Remix 1996

Gezouten Dessert - X(Eptional Remix 2021


Two late 90's trippy deep techno originals from this Amsterdam label with new versions seeing the artists remix each other - Morphid’s sparse, offbeat midtempo sound was always different, otherworldly, x(eptional’s deep trancer gets flipped.

Side 1 presents two classic originals, one by each duo: x(eptional’s a-whole-night-in-one track classic Dark Waves, a ten-minute-plus banger of epic proportions and soaring highs, followed by Morphid’s ethereal Gezouten Dessert, with its pared down bare breaks and brooding tones.

Side 2 sees x(eptional and Morphid switching roles to present radical and thrilling reworkings of each other’s tracks. Morphid strip down x(eptional’s Dark Waves into a cut-up of eerie, angular funk rhythms, voices and sounds, while x(eptional extract the beats from Morphid’s Gezouten Dessert and transpose it into a whirlwind of jazz-tinged breakbeat techno that gets a grip from the get-go and just won’t let go.