Wookie | Down On Me / Scrappy


down on me / scrappy


Down On Me


White vinyl repress of this 1999 dancefloor anthem - UKG and all floors!

Wookie's immense ‎'Down On Me / Scrappy' doubleheader has punched its way out of the UKG underground and passed into the history books as a bonafide electronic classic. Period. Showing a sophisticated ear, and complex musical arrangements, this 12" blows the competition away with soulful minimalism and proper musicianship. Don't get it twisted though - this is a straight club record that will set it off, 2 back to back bangers in one place. This one will tear any dance down when dropped in the correct manner. It's hard and almost pointless to try and pick a 'favorite', both of these tunes are primed to damage and still sound like they were beamed down only a few hours ago.