Wladimir M. | 2023

Wladimir M.


Label: Delsin
Cat No: DSR/EEVO009

Status: Landed

Delsin Electro Electronic Mini LP Techno Wladimir M.


De Belastingdienst

Zie Het Onder Ogen

Laisse Moi

Verraad Ontrouw

Prive Onderzoek

21 22 23

Geef Ons Een Agenda

Unexpected new project of the Dutch cult hero Wladimir Manshanden - he disassembles the eighties pop hits of his youth into sober, futuristic spoken-word techno!

32 years ago, in 1991, Wladimir M founded together with techno icon Stefan Robbers, one of the very first Dutch techno labels: Eevo Lute Muzique. While Robbers (as Terrace and Acid Junkies) pursued an international techno career in the years that followed, Manshanden preferred to remain in the shadows. His discography is as small as it is peculiar. 'Evil' is an undisputed early classic, picked up and licensed by the likes of Carl Craig and Dutch dj-legend Dimitri, For that reason alone, '2023' is special. But it gets even better / weirder... On the one hand, he does not shy away from some cringe (Dire Straits, Simple Minds, Tina Turner). On the other, he pays tribute to some genuine electronic heroes like Kraftwerk, New Order and (low and behold) Master C&J. The path to the bare essentials leads through a futuristic labyrinth. Along the way, you get hints of monotone voices, cipher codes and wondrous Dutch titles like 'Prive Onderzoek.' The outcome is alienating and magical at the same time.