Wet Silk | Wet Silk EP

Wet Silk

wet silk ep


Wet Silk - Let Me Do You Baby

Shelly Pearse - If You Want My Love (House Mix)

Thomas & Taylor - I'll Be Waiting (Instrumental)


Mixed Signals back with some more proto interesting rarities ...Wet Silk was a rare digression into house music by the legendary star-crossed duo of Lamar Thomas and Judy Taylor. For this sonic liaison, Thomas brought along his high school friend, disco impresario Patrick Adams to co-produce, and the resulting “Let Me Do You Baby” is a slow and seductive sunset soirée with champagne and caviare. Here paired it with two other delicious Thom/Tay productions, the rare and dubby house mix of Shelly Pearse’s “If You Want My Love”, and the instrumental end-of-the-nighter “I’ll Be Waiting”.