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New and old music from the seldom heard Japanese legend Web. His first-ever record, the EVA EP on Fat Cat is one of those odds gems from the '90s. That first cut "Eternal Moment" a moody slow electronica trip - sits perfectly with the unique UK 90's deep sounds from Black Dog/ART etc - Special one that.

Dynamo Dreesen comments…

"I believe it's some kind of Japanese spiritual techno music. It has a profound effect on me.

I can hear Larry Heard and Herbie Hancock jamming with the Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The musical expression ranges from romantic ambient over to mellow blue electro, wild drum & bass and early trance.

This 4 track ep is a continuation of “The Sound There”. A double album released on acido in 2020. Plus a re-issued track that appeared on a Syzygy release in 1995 in japan, under Web's monika Dja-zz, on the Eva ep."

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