Vumani | Isiqedakoma





Guy Fawkes

Banana Kar

I Can Play

Midnight Express


Black Mampatile

Much in demand South African album from 1986 - reissued with love by La Casa Tropical - Bubblegum boogie disco vibes - quite a few bangers here.

Not much is known about the mysterious pop sensation Vumani or his short musical career. Originally from KwaZulu Natal he made his way to Johannesburg in the mid 80’s to follow his dream of becoming a recording artist. He was able to make that dream come true when talent scouts from Decibel Music came across the charismatic youngster. At the time Decibel was still a small fish trying to make waves and the label believed in Vumani they had found the star they were looking for. Being a label with mostly groups signed to the catalog they needed a Front Man to push into the growing demand for Solo Artists that were dominating the airwaves and catching the hearts of youngsters.