Voices From The Lake | Voices From The Lake (2023 Edition)

Voices From The Lake

voices from the lake (2023 edition)





Circe + S.t. (Vftl Rework) Pt 1

Circe + S.t. (Vftl Rework) Pt 2


In Giova

Twins In Virgo + Twins In Virgo (Reprise) Pt 1

Twins In Virgo + Twins In Virgo (Reprise) Pt 2

Mika + H.g.s. Pt 1

Mika + H.g.s. Pt 2

01 12 N

Voices From the Lake (Donato Dozzy and Neel) mark the 10th anniversary of their influential self-titled album with a fully remastered reissue, in full on vinyl for the first time 4LP with the extra previously digital only tracks here now + full download.

Italians Dozzy and Neel have been friends united by a shared vision of music since their teenage years. They are immaculate sculptors of sound who fuse evocative ambient and leftfield techno into multi-layered soundscapes. For many years they worked as established solo artists but came together in 2011 to craft what is now regarded as one of techno's most pure and absorbing listening experiences.

The career-defining album first arose in the thoughts of Dozzy and Neel when the latter was preparing a mix for the former's wedding and named it Voices From The Lake. It was a pertinent title that stuck in the mind: both grew up by waters around the coast of Italy, and in their early days the pair even held private parties on the shores of a lake. Fittingly, Japan's celebrated Labyrinth festival at that time was also held by a river and a lake in the middle of a forest on a serene mountainside. It was that exact setting the pair envisaged when making music to play live on stage.