Viktor aka MF Doom Vaughn | Vaudeville Villain: Gold Edition RSD22

Viktor aka MF Doom Vaughn

vaudeville villain: gold edition rsd22



Vaudeville Villain


The Drop

Lactose & Lecithin

A Dead Mouse

Rae Dawn

Let Me Watch

Open Mic Nite (part 1)


Modern Day Mugging

Open Mic Nite (part 2)

Never Dead


Mr Clean


Change The Beat (12' version)

Mr Clean (instrumental)

Modern Day Mugging (instrumental)

Rae Dawn (instrumental)

Rae Dawn (acappella)

Saliva (instrumental)

Lactose (EZDAC remix - instrumental)

Change The Beat (instrumental)

Change The Beat (acappella)

For 2003's "Vaudeville Villain" MF DOOM took on yet another pseudonym. Where MF DOOM drew from Doctor Doom, Viktor Vaughn drew from the Doctor's government name, Victor von Doom. The influence of superheroes and supervillains however goes much deeper than the nom de plume, the silver age sci-fi vibe is present, musically, throughout Vaudeville Villain. Long out of print on vinyl, Get On Down presents this landmark of MF DOOM's career as a double gatefold LP for RSD 2022.