Vibration Black Finger | Can You See What I'm Trying to Say

Vibration Black Finger

can you see what i'm trying to say


Empty Streets


Gutkind's Dream

Acting For Liberation (part 1)

Law Of The Universe

Gutkind's Dream

Can You See What I'm Trying To Say

Acting For Liberation (part 2)

Persia & Cornelius

The Glory

Soul Fire

Twelve Wire Byrd

Only In A Dream


Choice deep forward jazz back in...British jazz musician Lascelle Lascelles Gordon.... inspiration is drawn from the obscure spiritual jazz collectives of the 1970s where he employs a vast array of like-minded collaborators to create a listening experience infused with an ever-present undercurrent of personal expression and cultural empowerment that's as enriched with ideas as it is progressive in its form. Includes the killer "Empty Streets" as featured on the recent Jazzman Spiritual Jazz collections