Various | Volume 9


volume 9


Remote - Ionic Shuffle

Steven Simpson - Acid 13

JS Zeiter - Entropy

Suddi Raval - Flight To Mars

The missions continue… 4 artists, tracks selected by Placid… “Synonymous with the legendary Smallfish imprint, Bristol based artist Remote_ opens with ‘Ionic Shuffle’ - a fresh slice of 4/4 machine-funk swing. Invoking the motorcity spirit through a tightly programmed mix of Roland drum machines and crisp evolving lead, a hefty 303 bassline burrows it’s way to lead us to the outer limits. Following on with the graceful ‘Acid 13’, a delicate space aged cut from relative newcomer Steven Simpson. Airy stabs and star-shot sonics interweave to perfection as sawtooth waves find their place amongst the dubbed out ether.

Mancunian maestro J.S.Zeiter returns on the flips with the foreboding ‘Entropy’, a dense acidic chugger that revels in cyclical note action and a simple kick. Fusing minimal elements for maximal output, you can only marvel at the outcome. Rounding off with the eerie electroid infusion of ‘Flight to Mars’ from Suddi Raval, off-kilter synths hang in the air and deep bass shakes the foundations”.