Various | Trust XY.3


trust xy.3


Versalife X Stenny - Nova Prospekt

Alex Cortex X D Tiffany - We Run Your Life

Microthol X Clatterbox - Intertronic

Dl-ms X Vc-118a - Tides

Volume 3 of the TRUST XY recombination series again sees four unique artists channel sonic echoes from the label's past. Stenny (Ilian Tape) is up first, complements the deep pads of Versalife's 'Nova Prospekt' with a scorching bass line and rolling breaks programmed in his unmistakable style. Canadian Planet Euphorique owner D.Tiffany is a champion of complex percussions and an obvious choice to rework Alex Cortex's percussive electro anthem 'We Run Your Life'. Her take chops and warps Cortex's vocals around a twitching techno beat that's both experimental and effective. Clatterbox reshapes one of the very first Microthol tracks into modern form. At his hands 'Intertronic' turns into a bleeping and hissing, snarling and growling electro bass monster. Lastly Delsin's dub master and TRUST alumni VC-118A takes on 'Tides' by /DL/MS/, replacing the original's sparse funk with a low slung dub techno groove that serves as the foundation for perpetually cascading ebbs and flows of lush and dreamy soundwaves.