Various | Ordinary Dreams Vol 2


ordinary dreams vol 2


Symptoms Of Love - Symptoms Of Dub

Paula Tape - International Loki

Phuk Hugh - Virtual Zoo

Good Block - Flute Dub

Jex Opolis - Ghost Voice

Errortica - Trap

Dj Ray - Cozy Stepper

Mayurashka - Maco Jungle

1too - In Your Dream

Mogwaa - Once We Danced

Eirwud Mudwasser - YCWI

Ivy Barkakati - Energia Mutable

Volume 2 in the Ordinary Dreams compilation series - vinyl this time too... cuts from Planet Trip friends and family around the world.

A deep sonic journey through dub, downtempo and reggae to the oddball, tribal and dream state mutations of house music. Contributions from an all-star cast of heads including; Symptoms Of Love, Paula Tape, Jex Opolis, Mayurashka, Errortica, Good Block, Mogwaa, DJ Ray, Ivy Barkakti and more.