Various | Non Volevo Ma Volavo 2


non volevo ma volavo 2


Q Words - That's the Choice (Instrumental) 

Needle - I.J.O. (Synergy Mix) 

F*O*X - Once More 

F*O*X - Once More (Ambience Mix)

Non Volevo Ma Volavo strikes back... More ultra-rare 1990 Italian House & Techno cuts on Ultimo Tango. Over £100 on Discogs vibes....That Needle cut  I.J.O. (Synergy Mix) - just sucks you in and takes you away across the raving fields, lightly tranced dream house , quality production.

F*O*X - Once More is the extra rare one due to its rave fame , breakbeats and cheesy vocals included - deep euphoric though

"Four timelessly ecstatic cuts that survived the slow passing of time, retraced and restored from the archives of Italian dance legends (Visnadi, Gambarelli), specially crafted to make you fly over the dancefloor today, just as they did back then"

ONE PER customer pls (not that you’d want 2 at that price!).