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non volevo ma volavo


Brain Telescope - Rationality Eclipse

Brain Telescope - Heart of Space

Pin - Get It All (Overloaded Analogique)

Intooitive Plane - Plane I

A few copies found.. choice 4 tracker of sought after italian house productions from 1993 - 1995.

‌“In the nineties, renown DJs and producers Leo Mas and Fabrice, gave life to a group of successful music labels. Muzak, Pin Up, Models Inc., Spock and Informal became legends in their own right. Ultimo Tango decided to open their vaults and bring its contents back to where they belong: dancefloors all over the world.

The first in a long series of future releases, “Non Volevo Ma Volavo” captures 90’s Italian dance subculture. Sunburnt shoulders, flashy Fiorucci shirts, colorful cocktails and moderate doses of ecstasy: this small pill of pure euphoria will bring you back to the golden age of the electronic “dolce vita”.