Various | Music For The Radical Xenomaniac Vol 3: Hedonistic Highlights From The Lowlands 1990-1999 - Expected Soon


music for the radical xenomaniac vol 3: hedonistic highlights from the lowlands 1990-1999 - expected soon


The Connection Machine - Echoes From Tau Ceti

Direct Movement - Natural Chemistry

Paradise 3001 - Surfin The Cuban Waves

Exquisite Corpse - Strange Attractor

Orlando Voorn - Still

NYX - Delphi

Stefan Robbers - Afridisiac (Jumpy mix)

Fluxland - Fluxland

This Side Up - Glider

Georgio Schultz - Trance

Quazar - Cycledrops

2000 & One - Crystal

Part 3

Through 35 tracks stretched across three volumes, Music For The Radical Xenomaniac delivers the first ever deep dive into The Netherlands’ colourful house sound of the 90s and the under-celebrated producers and record labels whose music soundtracked a countrywide cultural movement.

Packed full of forward-thinking 90s gems remastered for today’s dance floors by Alden Tyrell, a distinctly Dutch musical movement, whose rich textures and melodies are still inspiring new generations of DJs and dancers today.