Various | Music For The Radical Xenomaniac Vol 1: Hedonistic Highlights From The Lowlands 1990-1999


music for the radical xenomaniac vol 1: hedonistic highlights from the lowlands 1990-1999


Marvo Genetic - The Reprise

Space Trax - Aura

Rachmad Project - Summer Breeze

Land Of Fantasy Tales & Myths - And They Lived Happily Ever After

EC Groove Society - A Fish

Quadripart - La Musique Des Enfants Joyeux

Faceless Techno Bastards - Go Mellow

Marionette - No Strings Attached

Ramon & Theo - A Quest Of Thousands

The R - Higher

Dream Company - Space Page

Boom Generation - Flageo

Part 1 of this impressive collection - so many good track on here which would cost you 500 to track down! Some highlights here:  Quadripart - La Musique Des Enfants Joyeux & Space Trax - Aura both rare often missed cuts from the 90’s.

Through 35 tracks stretched across three volumes, Music For The Radical Xenomaniac delivers the first ever deep dive into The Netherlands’ colourful house sound of the 90s and the under-celebrated producers and record labels whose music soundtracked a countrywide cultural movement.

Packed full of forward-thinking 90s gems remastered for today’s dance floors by Alden Tyrell, a distinctly Dutch musical movement, whose rich textures and melodies are still inspiring new generations of DJs and dancers today.