Various | Mondo Organico


mondo organico


Sordid Sound System - Sharawadji

Anna vs. June - Icarus

Tyler Ov Gaia - Agua Magica

Andi Otto - Mahua Mandala

Puma & The Dolphin - Nude Gum

Pieter Kock - Untitled #4

Invisible Inc diving even further into ambient, spiritual and folk-infused psychedelia. TIP!

“Mondo Organico”, as the name suggests, is a concept compilation that captures the “organic” side of Invisible Inc. The use of non-electronic instrumentation is a familiar theme explored by the label previously with the likes of Komodo Kolektif, Immaculate Rivombo and Peter Power...but this time the instruments and voices, tranquil and meditatively hypnotic in places, display an even deeper spirituality.

This record was pressed on eco vinyl. Everything from the sleeve to the inks are recycled too, in an attempt to address some the environmental issues we face today, albeit fractionally.