Various | Interactive Test Volume 1


interactive test volume 1


I Believe - Master Spirit

Girls On Pills - Vheladei (Open Spaces Update)

Steve Mantovani - Doctor Of Dreams

Miki - 107 (Melly Melody version)

Open Spaces - A Beginning Of An Idea

Back in.....Volume One of a label retrospective of pioneering early 90s Italian Prog / trancey House label Interactive Test Compiled by Alex from Utopia Records and enigmatic Interactive Test founder Franco Falsini. 

Mediterraneo - cosmic, deeply tribal, then those 2 deeply early pure tranced-out epic cuts on the b-side - phew!

Falsini, responsible for many of the underground classics on the label he founded in Florence in 1991 was first known for his 70s Italian Prog / Cosmic group Sensations Fix. A trailblazer who continued to push the boundaries of electronic music two decades later with Interactive Test, accompanied by the up-and-coming talents of Trance hero DJ Miki the Dolphin, his brother Riccardo and an host of cult Italian music producers. Here we start with 5 tracks from the archive, all highly collectable, remastered for DJs and psychedelic music enthusiastic alike from the best sources possible. Authentic and original dance sounds still hitting the spot in our times.