Various | DeepIntel EP


deepintel ep


Drivetrain - Potamux

Gary Martin - Dogg

FBK - Forward Thinking Back

Chris Baumann - Oxygain

Choice four-tracker from Soiree, Gary Martin cut is steaming!

Drivetrain (Detroit, USA) - Potamux the journey begins in tech-acid manufactured in multiple time signatures, ultimately detonating pure unabridged Detroit electro.

Gary Martin (Detroit, USA) - Dogg this, his first Soiree release, solidifies this man’s legendary status. an infectious groove adorned in elegant chords and a colossal riff.

FBK (Columbus, USA) - Forward Thinking Back a deep-tech science presentation, effortlessly tweaking the extremities of the frequency spectrum while necessitating body movement.

Chris Baumann (Cologne, GER) - Oxygain with his Soiree debut, this long-time dj and producer forges a ruthless annihilation of beats, stabs and fx for a sonic galvanizing jolt.