Various | Byakku-Tai Braindance


byakku-tai braindance


E-Control - The Mind Of Robots

Konerytmi - Vaniljamunkki

Soft Pioneer - Dystopia

Basement Space - Massive

Alphone & Sween - Downfall (Dub Version)

Skywave Transmission vs. XOTR - Existence

Kostas G - Calamity

Dawl - Time Phase

ZOTS - 314

Electrodefender - Electric Sunset

Some killers on here... housed bleep steamers and the breaks tracks tone drop out do so well.

Childhood Drop Out’z - compiled by Childhood Intelligence (Tokyo/Berlin) & Tone Drop Out (London, UK). Timeless 2x12 featuring traxx by E-Control, Konerytmi, Soft Pioneer, Basement Space, Alphonse & Sween, Skywave Transmission vs. XOTR, Kostas G, DAWL, ZOTS and Electrodefender.Time travel into the early ages of Uk Bleep, Acid, Breakbeat, Techno and House - born in 2022.