Various | Bottom Line Retrospective


bottom line retrospective


Flow - Another Time

Jerzzey Boy - Get Wid It

Fontasia - Blood Vibe

Moore Classic Wall - Everything

Tammy Banks - My Life

BME Project - Play Work Play

ODC - My Mind Is Going (Total Insanity Mix)

Red Paradise - Dance

Passion In Fashion - Body To Body

BME - Falling In Love Again

Brooklyn Underground - Modern Technology

Jerzzey Boy - Maad Busy

Warehouse find at a distro - last copies of this bumper 3LP... Triple LP retrospective comp of the underground NYC house music label Bottom Line.

Brooklyn NYC - 1990. Former Berklee college of music student Ed "The Red" Goltsman has already been locked away in the studio for the previous 5 years producing and playing on numerous underground Soul and Hip Hop records. His deep love of music and his involvement with these projects eventually led to him setting up his own venture. Inspired by encounters with NYC's dance music underground these sounds and experiences helped shaped his idea and sound into what would become one of the most popular, cult dance music labels that emerged from the city during those fertile years - Bottom Line Records.

Here a deep selection from the Bottom Line archives, carefully selected to represent the many numerous faces and sounds of the label. From the ethnic leaning deepness of Flow's "Another time", a big hit in both the UK's Balearic and House scenes to the robotic chug of O.D.C's "My mind is going", now quite a rare record to find due to it's scarcity, the selection celebrates the forgotten gems, club hits and rarities that this powerhouse of a label released. Each track on this compilation has been carefully remastered from Ed's personal DAT collection and sequenced for maximum club play.