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Marcello Cassanelli - Fantasia

Zarenzeit - Deep Work

Stefano De Santis - Song For George D

Future Jazz Ensemble - Freeway

Caruso - Vestimenta


Jazz , house and future jazz on this various EP - "Deep Work" for the deep soulful house heads for sure...


The fourth installment of Best Of Various sees Marcello Cassanelli join the TLM family with Fantasia. Marcello is joined by Blake Franchetto on Bass, Giulia Barozzi on Vocals and Antonio Rapa on Drums. Next up is a good friend of the label Zarenzeit with Deep Work featuring Roger Versey on vocals, a very deep track for the dancefloor. Onto the AA side and another new member to the TLM family, Stefano De Santis has some broken beat action for us with his tribute to his hero George Duke. Future Jazz Ensemble are back on TLM after their Rough Time EP earlier this year with a track called Freeway, it's a sample of what to expect from their forthcoming TLM album early next year. FJE is now a three-piece with Guido Tabone on Saxophone and Michele Macchi on Percussion, the sound of FJE is ever evolving with more members joining the Ensemble for the album. The final track is from the unreleased vaults at TLM, Caruso with Vestimenta, originally recorded in 2015 and restored by Jose Rico.