Various | Banger: Make My Body Shake Make The Speakers Shake


banger: make my body shake make the speakers shake


Adira Kasey - Cover (Conway remix)

Ron Trent - Star Strut

Vick Lavender - Day Light

DJ Punch - Make My Body Shake

Timmy Regisford - Funa (instrumental mix)

Vick Lavender - MJ's Revenge

Joe Claussell - A Deeper Grace (LP version)

Jovonn Armstrong - Latin Deep

DJ Punch - Afro Congo Traxx

DJ Mark Francis - Everlasting

Conway Kasey - Caminho Espiritual

Massive 2LP from the Joe Claussell camp - usual crazy price but wow…   Sleeves Near Mint from distributor no ides to pack a box - good thing they make good records!