Various Artists | VS

Various Artists



Jayson Wynters - Tourettes

Zobol - Scapegoat

NB_BLOOD - Infrared

Scott Fraser - Moving

EON vs Zeitnot sees Adam Shelton and Jordan Carnall curating a four tracker for fearless DJ’s, electro and techno heads.

Jayson Wynters is back on EON with a hard-hitting track titled – Tourettes. A fast paced work-out from Jayson using deep Detroit style chords and heavy drum programming that will stand up against any electro / techno record. Essential peak time business. Zobol returns to EON with his latest offering – Scapegoat. Deep style electro with a killer acid lead, Zeitnot presents two brand new cuts from Body Hammer’s Scott Fraser. The B1, under his NB_BLOOD alias, is the banging, machine driven electro track Infrared; a frenetic ten minute dance floor workout with killer drum programming and swirling synths. On the B2, Moving errs towards deeper territory with cavernous bass perfectly suited to the warm up.