Various Artists | Optimo 25 (Part 2)


Chris & Cosey - Take Control  

Isolators - Concentrate On Us  

Mike Dunn - Life Goes On  

KC Flight - Voices (Original Dub Mix)  

Faze Action - Good Lovin' (Special Disco Mix)  

Hannah Holland - Ekotypic  

Divine - Shake It Up  

XS-5 - I Need More (Extended Dance Version)  

Liquid Liquid - Optimo  

A melting pot of different important musical influences…The Optimo dancefloor moved to this music… Chicago house to Post Punk and beyond.

Optimo (Espacio) started life as a weekly club night. It was born at The Sub Club in Glasgow on a wet, windy, wintry November Sunday night in 1997. Run by JD Twitch and partner in crime Jonnie Wilkes. Optimo was a reaction against what felt like an increasingly conservative musical soundtrack in clubs here at that time. Clubland felt as if it had become very bland and a bit too serious; it was the era of the dawn of the Superstar DJ. Clubs often felt like bastions of male energy. It seemed dance music and culture was going somewhere far, far away from where it was meant to be. The notion of fun had got lost. It felt like the perfect opportunity to rip it all up and start again. So they did. Groups of people who had never been in the same room at the same time before came together. Soon 500 people trying to get it , the legendary night ran till 2010.

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