Various Artists | Mr Bongo Record Club Vol.6.

Various Artists

mr bongo record club vol.6.


Dora Morelenbaum - Japao

New York Community Choir - I'll Keep My Light in My Window (12" Mix)

General Lee - Pleasure

The Drive - Africa Bossa

Chiemi Eri - Okosa-Bushi

Manny Corchado And His Orchestra - Pow-Wow

Sven Wunder - Easy Going

Dina Ogon -Bakom Glaset

Vee Gees - Talkin

Mave & Dave - Do You Really Want My Love

Hazel Scott And The Braza Brasil - Ye-Me-Le

Ines Soares - Um Amor Para Toda A Vida

Hareton Salvanini - Estrada

Copa 7 - Copa Sete No Samba

Mirna - A Volta

Dina Ogon - Tombola 94

Unknown Artists - I Do You Love

Ash Soul, Inc. - I Do Love You

Ponderosa Twins Plus One - Bound

Matty - Blood

Shira Small - Eternal Life

Mr Bongo crew share their tips and discoveries for vol 6 bumper value comp...

“Curating and ordering the tracks for a Mr Bongo Record Club is always special. You're reminded of the feelings you had when sitting at home with a cassette player on pause trying to compile the perfect mixtape to impress the latest object of your affection, or that friend with whom you share a musical kinship and spark off each other's latest discoveries. Hearing old tracks for the first time or diving into the most upfront selections keeps the fires burning and passions alight”

Recent finds and treasured classics from Brazil, Sweden, the USA, South Africa, Portugal, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada.

Previous volumes back in stock at time of writing also on special.