Various Artists | King Jammys Dancehall 1985-1989, Pt. 1

Various Artists

king jammys dancehall 1985-1989, pt. 1


Johnny Osbourne - In the Area (What a La La)

Nitty Gritty - Good Morning Teacher

Dennis Brown - The Exit

Wayne Smith - My Lord My God

Little Kirk - Don't Touch the Crack

Wayne Smith - In Thing

Wayne Smith - Icky All Over

Tonto Irie - Life Story

Chaka Demus - Original Kuff

Chuck Turner - We Rule the Dancehall

Robert Lee - Come Now

Wayne Smith - E20

Junior Murvin - Jack Slick

Anthony Johnson - Dancehall Vibes

Eccleton Jarrett - Rock Them One by One

Robert Lee & Bunny General - Midnight Hour

Red Dragon - Jam Down Posse

Johnny Osbourne - We Gonna Rock It Tonight (Dub Plate Playing)

Leslie Thunder - Ram Dance Man

Robert Lee - Love Me Stylee

King Jammys - In the Area (Version)

King Jammys - The Exit (Version)

King Jammys - Don't Touch the Crack (Version)

King Jammys - In Thing (Version)

King Jammys - Icky All Over (Version)

King Jammys - We Rule the Dancehall (Version)

King Jammys - Original Kuff (Version)

King Jammys - Come Now (Version)

King Jammys - E20 (Version)

King Jammys - Jack Slick (Version)

King Jammys - Rock Them One by One (Version)

King Jammys - Midnight Hour (Version)

King Jammys - Jam Down Posse (Version)

King Jammys - We Gonna Rock It Tonight (Version)

King Jammys - Love Me Stylee (Version)

A crucial selection for all Dancehall lovers!

Ltd repress of this 2017 2LP

Dub Store Records presents King Jammys Dancehall 1985-89, Part 1.

The "Digital Revolution" occurred in the Jamaican music industry by a single rhythm called "Sleng Teng". The responsible person for the rhythm was King Jammy who was the owner and producer of the Jammys label. The label dominated the scene between 1985 and 1989, and released a vast number of material. Dub Store Records compiles the best of the 80's heavyweight Dancehall from the Jammys catalogue, popular songs and instrumental dub versions on the "Heavenless", "Love Punanny Bad" and "Far East" rhythms, among others. They also include rare collector's tunes like Anthony Johnson's 'Dancehall Vibes'.