Various Artists | Just A Touch

Various Artists

just a touch


Bovel - Coming Back

Sam - Life (club mix)

Marcelle Moncrieffe - Take Me There

Kofi - Step By Step

Pure Silk - What You Do For Me

Jenny B - Sexy Eyes

Sonja Ryshard - Step Back

Cavalier - Don't Touch

Purely Fizzycal - Straight To The Top

Dennis Planter - I Still Dream Of You

Taffy - Passion

Weekend In Paris - Hold Your Head Up

London based DJ and curator Sam Don know for his comps 'For the love of You'. With a new compilation 'Just A Touch' Sam shines his torch even deeper, this time through crates of UK Underground Soul. He painstakingly researched and tracking down each producer to bring you some of the sweetest soul cuts that will ever grace your eardrums.

Sam Don explains: Whilst the US is most well-known for soul music, the UK has created its own take on the genre, due to the melting pot of cultures and musical styles that makes the UK so special. I didn't 'set out' to make a compilation like this, but one night an idea came to me, and I sketched it out at home with my record collection. When I saw how well these sounds came together, I started my mission to find the people involved with them and 'Just A Touch' was created.