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Various Artists

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Label: Rebirth
Cat No: REB127BONUS4

Status: Landed

12" Deep House Italo House Rebirth


Nikita Warren - I Need You (Flute Mix)

Lorenzo Morresi - Tento Brass

Deseo - Summer Breeze (Jazz Mix) 

Alex Neri & Marco Baroni - Lamar Unreleased

Anxious - Tribal Love

Spinapsys - Whenever (Asha)

Following on from second Ciao Italia compilation, Rebirth brings together part 4 bonus 12"... collection of tracks that surf between the past, present and future, highlighting the importance and continued influence of the Italo dream house world. Alternate versions, unheard gems, certified classics and pure class as you’d expect from the likes of Nikita Warren, Alex Neri, Marco Baroni, Deseo, Lorenzo Morresi, Anxious and Spinapsys.