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Doni & Leo Young - Rebelion In The City Of Gangia

Pastaboys - On & On (Panna Mix)

Hiver - Magic Crusade

G.P.M., Steve Mantovani, Dan-E-MC, Daniele Mad - House In Full Effect

Feel Fly - Armaduk

Part 6... Alternate versions, unheard gems, certified classics and pure class as you’d expect from the likes of Doni & Leo Young, Pastaboys and the coming together of G.P.M., Steve Mantovani, Dan-E-MC and Daniele Mad alongside a double dose of new productions flying the flag for dream house via Hiver and Feel Fly.

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Tags: 12", Dan-e-mc, Daniele mad, Deep house, Doni & leo young, Feel fly, G.p.m., Hiver, Italo house, Pastaboys, Rebirth, Steve mantovani

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