Various Artists | Amiga Demoscene EP



Revisq - Satellite 303

Celsius - Day Dream

RT - Simply

Substance - Shamans Nature

Tarmslyng - Du Lugter Af S Hest

Interesting original 90’s deep cuts and techno jackers…

Klasse Wrecks comes with a new label project. This one they do together with Kid Who and is a series of records showcasing previously unreleased house, techno, acid and more from the 90s Amiga Demoscene. Created using early sample sequencers such as ProTracker, these tracks radiate the authentic energy of techno's golden era - and they've been hiding in plain sight in Demoscene web repositories for many years. It was during the long days of the 2020 lockdowns that Kid Who began to explore these archives, sifting through thousands of tracks to eventually amass a collection of several hundred of his favourites. In close collaboration with the talented artists behind them, the .NFO project brings these finds to 12" - comes with A4 insert and stickered sleeve. LTD!

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Klasse Wrecks

Tags: 12", Breakbeat, Celsius, Klasse wrecks, Revisq, Rt, Substance, Tarmslyng, Techno

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