Various | 1st Unit: Underpass Records EP


1st unit: underpass records ep

Label: Rush Hour

Status: Landed

12" house Junichi Soma Katsuya Sano Rush Hour Shuji Wada


Katsuya Sano - I Need Luv

Junichi Soma - Ubnormal Life

Shuji Wada - Endless Load

Reissue of this Japanese EP from 1989 house outing by Junichi Soma, Shuji Wada and Katsuya Sano. Widely considered to be one of the first ever EP of house music produced in Japan Comes with insert with liner notes.

To celebrate the ground-breaking club’s first birthday, the venue released a 12” EP featuring first-time productions from three of its DJs, never officially released. Instead, 500 of the 1000 copies pressed were given away at The Bank’s first birthday party, with the rest initially being sold in he venue’s own in-house shop.

The music is pure early house and further deep Japan experiments , beautifully basic .. Perhaps the most influential of the three tracks at the time – within Japan at least – was Shuji Wada’s similarly misspelled ‘Endless Load’. Deeper and more melodic with a more expansive arrangement, the track’s combination of marimba-style lead lines, tribal drum patterns, dreamy chords and jazz-funk influenced bass offered a loose blueprint for the more successful and better-known Japanese deep house tracks that followed.