UR | Knights Of The Jaguar EP





Repressed! Rolando's modern techno anthem from 1999 - Don't forget that amazing tension-building "Ascenion" cut on the flip too.

"The Aztecs return. UR receives the message. The Aztecs and the Hermanos make the transition from the guitar player. Natives didn’t take the robbery of Mother Earth’s land or her culture lightly. A new warrior culture, the Electronics did not back down when a war broke out with the programmers over this production. Those who know were avenged for the transgression. Strong beautiful music with a stronger beautiful spirit. A first in the history of music: big can lose. Hear it and feel the power of the cats that still prowl the streets of Detroit"

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Underground Resistance

Tags: 12", Detroit, Detroit techno, Dj rolando, Techno, Underground resistance, Ur

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