Unknown | One Dollar / Brief Encounter


one dollar / brief encounter

Label: Gallery
Cat No: ART005

Status: Landed

12" Disco Disco Edits Gallery


One Dollar

Brief Encounter

“Two mysterious mid ‘70s creations that have been causing chinstrokers the world over to lose their marbles” ART is back with 2 more interesting edit extensions “One Dollar” gets down and funky in a percussive deep disco boogie instrumental style - edit of the extra rare Sanctuary cut from 1983.. B side for “Brief Encounter” which flips Vince Montans's Dance Fantasy (as used by Mood II Swing ) bit hits the original sample to the hot Sound Stream cut (from the double pack a few years back) disco delight!!

As usual notes say - solely played by Harvey and Artwork thats who has the promos - so from the catalog number you can guess who is behind this label.