Universe City | Can You Get Down / Serious - RSD2024

Universe City

can you get down / serious - rsd2024


Can You Get Down


Universe City's 1976 12 inch promo release, featuring 'Can You Get Down' and 'Serious', gained cult status in the disco scene. Produced and arranged by John Davis, the limited release and the subsequent demand over several decades, fuelled in part by regular plays from tastemakers like Sean P and Dave Lee, highlight the enduring popularity and influence of this particular record within the disco community. John Davis, a highly influential figure in the disco music scene, particularly during the 1970s. As a composer, arranger, and producer, Davis played a crucial role in shaping the sound of disco and funk music that can be heard throughout this release. Presented here officially for the first time since it’s limited promo release 48 years ago, this exclusive RSD release, lovingly remastered Delivered in a glorious Universe City band sleeve, limited to 500 units.