Underground Evolution | Soul Searcher (Joe Clausell Remix) / Walk On Water

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soul searcher (joe clausell remix) / walk on water


Soul Searcher (Joe Clausell Remix)

Walk On Water

Clausell remixes Soul Searcher. The original from 1996 was a two copy classic at Body and Soul , so Joe was a natural fit to reimagine this classic house track. His new version while attaining the extra length previously reached by mixing the vocal and dubs, goes way beyond, with all the parts being re-played, live bass, and layers of new synths and keys culminating in the solo’s in the second half that lift this track to new heights. On the flip 'Walk On Water' a VU favourite .. sits somewhere between the sounds of Detroit and New York (a natural place for a track of Chicago origin). UR sounds (which held it back a bit as people compared) , jazz journey with an Adriatic touch  - a special record which we think will be given more life now!

Ugly Music return - UK mid 90's label run by Felix Dickinson and Tony Lee ,true music heads.  Tony had previously run Ugly Records in Brighton - the shop was a big friend of VU at the time and helped us to link with many south coast heads - we were always trading Chicago and Detroit vinyl.