Ultradyne | Nativist



Prime Stratagem

Native Serenade

True To The Realm

What Must We Do For Chaos


Fundamentalist electro-techno!

"On this release we see Detroit's Ultradyne continue with the approach of their concept: ideas and their evolution. Four diverse songs showcasing their concept into reality. Each song with an identity of its own cultivating what already exists inside of each listener: the need for expression and relation. The sinister synths of Prime Stratagem conform with what we know from Ultradyne is guaranteed to be a floor banger. Complex and intricate melodies are sprinkled in Native Serenade and True to the Realm before being greeted with the fast-paced and mechanical sounds that embodies the Ultradyne concept with What must We do for Chaos. Nativist: a person who argues for the existence of ideas that are not learned but are part of the original constitution of the mind”.


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Pi Gao Movement

Tags: 12", Electro, Pi gao movement, Techno, Ultradyne

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