Uit De Hoogte | Never Leave U EP

Uit De Hoogte

never leave u ep

Label: WPBH
Cat No: WPBH05

Status: Landed

12" house Uit De Hoogte WPBH


Chif Trip

Never Leave U

Fuk Dat Shit Up

Internal Vibe

Quart Main Gauche

5 Track underground house EP - true to the original sample / rework vibe.. covers all sounds - extended dj use for years. Evans Pyramid gets touched on A2 - lovely.
Done and dusted! That could have been the motto of the WPBH series back when it started as an offshoot for sample-based house experiments by the core We Play House Recordings crew.

The music hits us hard and straight up. Uit De Hoogte brings us rawness...and then some. A touch of Dance Mania, a hint of smoothness, a dose of drum machine magic and a whole lot of attitude. Five tracks to stir up your dancefloor, your body and your soul. On a label that does not really exist... How underground can one get?!