Turma Da Bênção | Apresenta: Botto Trindade

Turma Da Bênção

apresenta: botto trindade


Memorias De Gui

Tahira Gui No Brasil

This is the second 7” single of the Turma da Bênção project by Conjunto Angola 70 & Paulo Flores. Botto was the guitar player for Os Bongos and played with Os Kiezos, Carlos Burity, Paulo Flores, Semba Tropical etc. He is called the living soul of Angolan guitar.

To explore the musical connections of Angola & Brazil, we asked Tahira to spice up the session. Tahira says he listened to “Memoria De Gui” for hours when we sent him the album to choose a track. ‘I love the way Botto plays the guitar, so beautiful. It made me think of the Ciranda rhythms, a style of music from the northeast of Brazil. It is usually more raw and bass driven. Not much instruments and melody. We added the great Botto touch to this traditional rhythm from Brazil.’