Travis Biggs | Solar Funk - RSD2024

Travis Biggs

solar funk - rsd2024

Label: Demon
Cat No: DEMREC1211

Status: Landed

Demon Jazz LP RSD2024 Travis Biggs


Autumn Jewel 

After The Storm 

Tibetian Serenity 

Ven A Bailar Conmigo 

Nashville Express 

Solar Funk 

It’s Live

Travis Bigg's frst album, released in 1976 was called Challenge Initially pressed on independent Detroit imprint TB&C enterprises, the record had little impact on the wider landscape of contemporary black music save for local radio play.Three years after the release of Challenge, Source Records picked up on Biggs' underrated talents, a multi instrumentalist and synth merchant whose list of instrumental credits on this release numbers 14 from harp to clavinet.

Biggs would also rack up writing, production and instrumental credits among an
assortment of funk, soul and disco names from Linda Clifford, Betty Lou Landreth, Isaac Hayes, Hamilton Bohannon and Michael Henderson.