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jede nacht derselbe traum


Jede Nacht Derselbe Traum (single version)

Jede Nacht Derselbe Traum (extended remix)

Jede Nacht Derselbe Traum (DJ Friction edit)

Jede Nacht Derselbe Traum (dub mix)

Label states “one of the rarest and simultaneously best-recorded independently released German new wave singles in history” in 1984 they released this one-off single.

Crafted using the Oberheim OB8 system, complete with the DMX drum machine and a bassline woven from a Jupiter 8 keyboard, it carried a groove reminiscent of New York's electro hip-hop sound in "The Message," setting it apart from typical German new wave productions. Additionally, a Korg Polysix was integrated, and guitar effects were layered to finalize the infectious synth-pop instrumental. Newcomer to the band, Andrea Ströbel, laid down a flawless vocal layer that steered the song towards a straightforward NDW direction.

Black vinyl 12” we didn't bother with the ltd green one - but can get it if you need.