Tommaso Cappellato | Explorare

Tommaso Cappellato


Label: Explorare
Cat No: XPLR001

Status: Landed

Explorare Jazz LP Nu-Jazz Tommaso Cappellato


Melody Lounge 

April In Parrish 

Celestial Coordinates 


Mind Yarn 

All Knowing Smiles

Evening J 

Dope LA modern jazz…

Tommaso Cappellato, the visionary behind Domanda Music and a respected figure in global jazz, leads Explorare - an ever-evolving ensemble of LA's finest jazz virtuosos. Launched in early 2022, Explorare's mission is to delve into music's rich landscape through improvisational performances, where persistent grooves are shaped by the unique vibes of the individual members in the present moment.

Featuring pianist Diego Gaeta (Andre3000, Carlos Niño) and bassist Tony Martin (Brainstory). Explorare is more than just a musical project - it embodies the spirit of musical community through a transformative journey that invites listeners to delve into the depths of sonic exploration, guided by carefully crafted energy and passion.