Tom Churchill | Rainy Day in Clynder

Tom Churchill

rainy day in clynder


Stickler For Detail


Glorious Solitude

Rainy Day in Clynder


Tom Churchill (Nuclear Family) returns on Glasgow's 2Sox - he's been putting out music since his mid-teens in the 90's on his old labels Emoticon and Headspace - always a special deep touch... Here he gives us some pure deep specials, made with time grace and thought - Detroit edged with that UK feeling - thanks Tom!

“These tracks have been heavily inspired by two things - reconnecting with my surroundings and rediscovering my record collection - both of which have been made possible by the events over the past couple of years,” Tom says. "Being surrounded by nature and working exclusively on headphones has made for a more intimate sound, and these tracks are the most personal I’ve ever done.”