The Reflektor | Taino EP



Bajacu (Morning Light) 

Caona (Gold) 

Mucaro (Night Owl) 

Karaya (Moon) 

Technoindigenous Studies is the newest outlet of producer/composer Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, aka Gifted & Blessed, serving as a platform for his many alter egos and side projects. As the name implies, Technoindigenous Studies is the union of modern musical technology with the ways and intentions of the ancestors.

"The first release on the label is from one of Gabriel’s lesser-known monikers, The Reflektor. We know The Reflektor as half of the west coast electro-funk duo POLY, and since then he released an EP with Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label titled Las Ruinas Mayas, which paid homage to the ancient Mayans. This new EP, simply titled Taíno, is a tribute to his own indigenous Caribbean ancestors. Each of the 4 track titles is taken from the Taíno language. Call it techno, electro, music to move to, whatever you wish. There’s room for your own personal interpretation. That’s what makes the Gifted & Blessed sound what it is".

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Technoindigenous Studies

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