The Falcon / Grizzly Knuckles / The Jak | Sound The Alarm / Mad Bell / Aftermath


The Falcon - Sound The Alarm 

Grizzly Knuckles - Mad Bell  

The Jak - Aftermath

“New age/old schooL jakbeat inspired from a significant hero in the Chicago Underground scene of the early nineties dropping crucial releases on record labels: Saber, Dancemania and Relief” That would be DJ Rush!

“The Falcon kicks the A-side into madness with ‘Sound The Alarm’ made 2 Jak 4 Crazies that’s completely bezerk n twisted.

B1 introduces this nU cOhort to the label on this release comes from Grizzly Knuckles (a thuggish menace) bringing his weapon of choice musically in a hypnotic spell of mental riddims wit ‘Mad Bell’ this is chicago pit-tripping for those who are aware.

B2 brings The Jak as the final nail in the coffin to complete this 12 inch with ‘Aftermath’ that is for those who have any idea of SLaM dance body blows..this is that level of crazy".

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