The Colours That Rise | Mixtape 1

The Colours That Rise

mixtape 1


Special Request 

Axel G (Live) 

Polo 1.2 (Live) 

The Colours That Rise return for a quick lap around Earth with this special offering, "Mixtape 1" ltd blue vinyl 12" - comprising of one brand new studio production and two new compositions recorded live from the mothership in 2020 AD.

. Their Earth-based ally - Yussef Dayes, returns to the drumkit on "Special Request" for a slice of extraterrestrial, year 3000 funk.

“Axel G” see's the team speed things up for the imminent return of clubbing to Planet Earth. The pandemic didn't reach outer space, and the martian calendar has afforded The Colours That Rise ample time to test out and refine their club dynamics: think Afrika Bambaata meets Drexciya on Mars.

The EP is closed out with “Polo 1.2” - which sees a welcome return of Simeon Jones to vocal duties - pining for a return to his roots - "no matter which way we go". 21st Century Intergalactic homesick blues.