The Brother Moves On | He Who Feeds You Owns You

The Brother Moves On

he who feeds you owns you


Puleng (intro)




Itumeleng (Revisited)

Sweetie Love Oh

Hamba The (reprise)


Ta Tom

Deeply moving afro - jazz LP, a new one we like a lot...

Internationally-acclaimed outfit The Brother Moves On (TBMO) are part of a musical underground that connects London and their home city of Johannesburg. They exist in a powerful lineage of protest music and in the role that sound and music has in combating and soaking up the everyday struggles of life. They were described as ‘the most important band in the country’ by online publication Platform and ‘the last remaining protest band’ by saxophonist Steve Dyer, who assisted in the recording of the 2021 Gilles-Peterson released Indaba Is – which TBMO frontman Siyabonga co-produced with pianist Thandi Ntuli.